Minolta AF REFLEX 500mm F8 Mirror Lens for Sony Alpha #a0715 

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Item Description
Product No.





Beautiful Condition!
There is no dent.
There are tiny scuffs on the exterior.


Beautiful Condition!
There is no haze.
There is no fungus.
There is no scratches.
There is no dust


It works properly.
No defect has been found.
Reliable to use it!

Bundled Items

Filters (normal & ND 4X)
Front cap
Rear cap
Lens case

All you can see on the picture will be included in a set of a package.

Serial Number


Other Information

UPC – 043325423246
Product Line – Konica Minolta Maxxum
Type – Telephoto
Focus Type – Auto
Focal Length – Fixed/Prime
Focal Length (mm) – 500mm
Aperture – f/8, f/8.0
Additional Tech Characteristics – AF
Compatible Brand – Minolta
Camera Technology – Digital, Film
Diameter – 3.1 inch
Weight – 23.46 oz

About Product

The Konica Minolta Maxxum is a compact and light lens that is easy to carry around to photo sessions. The Konica lens has an extreme telescopic feature that is especially useful when shooting nature photography or wildlife. This 500 mm lens has a sharp focus, adding clearness to most photos. Plus, the Konica Minolta Maxxum is priced right to fit most budgets. The f/8.0 Konica lens can be used with a tripod or simply held by hand. This 500 mm lens makes it possible to shoot photos in any kind of light, even in low-light situations. And the Konica Minolta Maxxum stabilization features allows users to shoot 1/125 and even 1/60 shots. The Konica lens is a nice option for those looking for a professional camera lens for a reasonable price. For the casual photographer, this is a great 500 mm lens that will provide excellent photographs.

Condition detail table
Brand New New,never used,new in original box
MINT No signs of use
Near MINT Almost no signs of use
Excellent+ Cosmetically may show slight wear and / or signs of use.
Excellent Show signs of moderate use
Good Heavy marked but works ok
Well Used Restoration required, parts may be broken or missing

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