About Us

"SuperB JAPAN CAMERA" is a worldwide distributor of high-quality japanese products estabilised in 2013. Our pleasure is exporting the good things of Japan to the world.
We have superb quality used cameras and will ship them to your from JAPAN.

At SuperB JAPAN CAMERA, we are dedicated to the consistency of best quality and customer satisfaction. Since we started, our items were purchased by more than 7,400 customers in 82 countries. And they left us so many positive feedbacks. It's our best pleasure.

We hope you enjoy items we sell. If you have any question regarding the item or service, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide answers promptly and professionally.

We are official member of Japan Net Export & Import Association (JNEIA).
We understand each law and taxation business of Internet exporting and importing business, and agree to the association member rules.

We are based in Wakayama (near Osaka), in the west of Japan.