Fuji Fujifilm GA645 Professional 60mm F4 count ‘000’ very rare! #a0811 

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Item Description
Product No.





Beautiful Condition.
There is no dent.
There is no scratches.
Molt Plane has no sticky.


– View Finder –
Beautiful Condition.
There is no haze.
There is no fungus.
There is no scratches.
There are slight dust. (No problem with viewing)

– Lens –
Beautiful Condition.
There is no haze.
There is no fungus.
There is no scratches.
There is no dust.


It works properly.
No defect has been found.
Reliable to use it!

Bundled Items

Lens Cap
Lens Hood
Lens Hood Case
Camera Case
Brief Document
Original Box

Battery is not included.
Please purchase the battery in your local store.

All you can see on the picture will be included in a set of a package.

Serial Number


Other Information

Brand – Fujifilm
Model – GA645 with 60 mm lens Kit
MPN – Does Not Apply
Camera Type – Medium Format
Film Type – Medium Format
Film Format – 6×4.5cm
Focus Type – Auto
Depth – 2.6 in.
Height – 4.3 in.
Width – 6.5 in.
Weight – -16 Oz
Additional Features – Interchangeable Lenses
Release Date – 1995

About Product

Use the FujiFilm GA645 camera and capture those eventful catches, throws and knockouts of the cricket match in a way that it appears realistic. This Camera with lens kit has a B shutter speed setting which means that the shutter will stay open until you release the button. And the shutter speed is 1/1700s. The aperture of the FujiFilm GA645 is f/4-f/9.5, which helps you capture images accurately with no artificiality. This Camera with lens kit has a built-in flash so no dim lighting can distort your photograph.

Condition detail table
Brand New New,never used,new in original box
MINT No signs of use
Near MINT Almost no signs of use
Excellent+ Cosmetically may show slight wear and / or signs of use.
Excellent Show signs of moderate use
Good Heavy marked but works ok
Well Used Restoration required, parts may be broken or missing

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