CONTAX T3 Titanium Silver Data Back Double Teeth Shooting Tested #a1454 

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Item Description
Product No.





Beautiful Condition.
There is no dent.
There is no scratch.


– Lens –
Beautiful Condition.
There is no haze.
There is no fungus.
There is no scratch.
There is no dust.

– View Finder –
There is no haze.
There is no fungus.
There is no scratch.
There is no dust.


The camera works properly.
– The shutter works properly.
– The flash works properly.
– The LCD works properly.
– The film rewinding works properly.
– The auto focusing works properly.
– The exposure meter works properly.
No defect has been found.
Reliable to use it!
■ Effects of the lens filters
— CONTAX Lens Filter 1A MC —
For Color Photography
Lens Color : Light Pink
Filter factor : 1X
Effect : Haze-cut filter for general color photography. Absorbs ultraviolet ray, eliminates bluish tinge and assures natural color balance. Can be kept over the lens at all times for protection of the lens surface.
— CONTAX Lens Filter A2 (81B) MC —
For Color Photography
Lens Color : Light Brown
Filter factor : 1.3X
Effect : Eliminates bluish tone when photographing under overcast or in rainy weather and assures natural color balance.
— CONTAX Lens Filter B2 (82A) MC —
For Color Photography
Lens Color : Light Blue
Filter factor : 1.2X
Effect : Effective for eliminating yellowish red tone and assuring natural color balance when photographing in early morning or late afternoon hours.
— CONTAX Lens Filter L39 (UV) MC —
For Black & White Photography
Lens Color : Tranceparent
Filter factor : 1X
Effect : Absorbs ultraviolet ray and assures clear and crisp images. Ideal for photography of landscape, beach scene, etc. Can be kept over the lens at all times for protection of the lens surface.
Tested with film developing (Please see test photos)

Bundled Items

Contax T3 Full Leather Case with Strap
CONTAX T3 30.5 Adapter

Battery is not included.
Please purchase a CR2 lithium battery for the main power and a CR2025 button battery for the back panel.

Serial Number


Other Information

Brand – Contax
Model – T3
MPN – 311050
UPC – 067215016417
Camera Type – Point & Shoot
Film Type – 35mm
Focal Length – 35 mm – 35 mm
Battery Type – 1 x 3V Lithium Battery (CR-2)
Focus Type – Auto
Minimum Focus Distance – 1.15 ft.
Shutter Speed – 16 to 1/1200 sec
ISO Range – Automatic Setting – ISO 50 – 5000
Manual Shooting Modes – Aperture Priority, Program Shift
Minimum Aperture – f16
Maximum Aperture – f2.8
lash Recycling Time – 3.5 sec
Red Eye Reduction – With Red Eye Reduction
Flash Guide Number – 1
Film Auto Transport – Loading, Mid Reload, Rewind
Viewfinder Frame Coverage – 85%
Viewfinder Magnification – 0.5X
Depth – 1.2 in.
Height – 2.48 in.
Width – 4.13 in.
Weight – 11.36 Oz
Additional Features – Auto Exposure, Focus Lock, Self Timer
Release Date – 1992

About Product

Click and remember every moment of your life with
the Contax T3 35mm. The Contrax SLR sports a five blade aperture diaphragm that allows well defined and uniform exposures for pictures with clarity. The 35mm Carl Zeiss Sonnar lens of the Contrax Film Camera takes crystal clear pictures. The manual focus function of the Contax T3 35mm SLR lets you adjust and experiment with the focusing of the camera. The between-the-lens shutter of the Contrax film camera offers a shutter speed of 1/1200 of a second that allows you to freeze the moment in the frame and prevent blurring. The small and light-weight Contax T3 35mm fits into your pocket that allows you hands-free caring and the titanium casing adds to the durability.

Condition detail table
Brand New New,never used,new in original box
MINT No signs of use
Near MINT Almost no signs of use
Excellent+ Cosmetically may show slight wear and / or signs of use.
Excellent Show signs of moderate use
Good Heavy marked but works ok
Well Used Restoration required, parts may be broken or missing

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