Carl Zeiss Planar T* 85mm f/1.4 ZE for Canon #a0303 

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Item Description
Product No.





Beautiful Condition!
There is no dent.
There is no scratches.
There are few tiny scuffs on the exterior.


Beautiful Condition!
There is no haze.
There is no fungus.
There is no scratches.
There is no dust.


Works properly.
Reliable to use it!

Bundled Items

Front Cap
Rear Cap
Lens Hood
Lens Filter
Brief Document
Original Box

All you can see on the picture will be included in a set of a package.

Serial Number


Other Information

Model – ZE
Product Line – ZEISS Planar T*
Type – Telephoto
Focus Type – Manual
Focal Length – Zoom
Focal Length (mm) – 85mm
Aperture – f/1.4
Additional Tech Characteristics – ZE
Weight – 23.52 oz

About Product

The Zeiss Planar T* lens is a high-speed short telephoto lens designed for SLR cameras. The image in the finder of this 85 mm lens is crisp, clear, and indicative of what the photographer will see in the finished product. Even at full aperture, the Zeiss Planar T* lens delivers top image quality. Ready for indoor and outdoor use, the f/1.4 Zeiss ZE lens is able to take professional-grade photographs. The existing exposure programs on the Zeiss Planar T* lens, and the automatic focus verification function is passed on to the camera. The nine-blade circular aperture on the Zeiss ZE lens will produce a smooth rendition of defocused images and circular shapes at the origin of light. Furthermore, the 85 mm lens has a shallow depth of field when set at wide apertures that permits the user to be selective with what is in focus and what is not.

Condition detail table
Brand New New,never used,new in original box
MINT No signs of use
Near MINT Almost no signs of use
Excellent+ Cosmetically may show slight wear and / or signs of use.
Excellent Show signs of moderate use
Good Heavy marked but works ok
Well Used Restoration required, parts may be broken or missing

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