LEICA M3 Single Stroke S/N 1034875 Year 1961 with Leather Case, Shooting Tested #a1351 

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Item Description
Product No.





There is no dent.
There are small scratches on the exterior.


The focusing patch is bright and contrast.
The bright frames are bright and contrast.


The camera works properly.
Reliable to use it!

Shooting tested with film developing (Please see test photos)

Bundled Items

Body Cap
Half Leather Case (ARTISAN&ARTIST)

All you can see on the picture will be included in a set of a package.

Serial Number


Other Information

Brand – Leica
Model – M3
MPN – Does Not Apply
UPC – 799429605018
Camera Type – Rangefinder
Film Type – 35mm
Focus Type – Manual
Additional Features – Interchangeable Lenses

About Product

Single Stroke (Year 1961)

Compose your shots accurately with the Leica M3 camera, which combines a rangefinder and viewfinder in one. The large and bright viewfinder of this 35 mm rangefinder camera has a magnification of 0.91x, giving you a wide coverage of the scene. With shutter speeds from 1-1/1,000 seconds, this Leica film camera lets you clearly capture moving subjects. The Leica M3 35 mm rangefinder camera uses interchangeable lenses, providing the flexibility to shoot various scenes. Featuring TTL metering, which measures light using a built-in meter, this Leica film camera eliminates the need for a separate, hand-held meter.

Condition detail table
Brand New New,never used,new in original box
MINT No signs of use
Near MINT Almost no signs of use
Excellent+ Cosmetically may show slight wear and / or signs of use.
Excellent Show signs of moderate use
Good Heavy marked but works ok
Well Used Restoration required, parts may be broken or missing

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